Kahai SAS is the first company in the world to industrialize the “Cacay”, an Amazon tree that produces highly nutritious nuts, from which a precious oil is extracted for skin and hair care.

Our mission is to establish the Cacay crop as an alternative for sustainable economic development, and turn it into Colombia´s biodiversity icon.

Kahai SAS is dedicated to the production, manufacturing and commercialization of Cacay tree products. We integrate the whole value chain from wild collection, where we conduct awareness campaigns to disclose the potential of the specie and prevent further deforestation of it for firewood. Through wild harvesting we’re generating incomes for over 200 peasant and indigenous families within conflict zones.


We’ve developed the technology to take these trees into plantation, and through grafting we’ve managed to reduce the unproductive time from 8 to 3 years, increasing its productivity up to 80%.

We’ve designed the machinery for processing the nuts, oil and meal, and are focused on achieving Cero Waste by making a comprehensive use of the fruit and its derivatives.

Kahai SAS is promoting plantations to reforest 5.000 hectares with Cacay in Colombia’s Amazon region involving:

  • Peasant and Indigenous Communities, though NGOs and state supported social programs, as alternative for illicit crops substitution and to generate development in far away regions.

  • Farmers and Investors for the establishment of commercial plantations to enhance the supply, generate scale and strengthen the industry.

Kahai SAS is a company committed to sustainable development. We apply Fair Trade principles in order to increase communities’ welfare, and we promote Eco-Friendly practices in the plantations, to minimize the impact on the ecosystem.

The global market for nuts, as well as for cosmetic oils, is large, growing, high value and unsatisfied. With the support of Procolombia and the CBI (a Dutch government organization that supports companies in emerging economies to enter the EU market), Kahai SAS has been opening markets for the nuts, oil and meal since 2009. We are currently exporting to over 15 different countries around the globe including: EEUU, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Korea, Thailand and Australia.

Due to its high degree of innovation and strong focus towards sustainability, the company has earned several awards and acknowledgements, both locally and internationally.

“Colombia is the most bio diverse country per square meter in the world,

and Kahai SAS is the first large-scale project using biodiversity to generate economic

development in the country”.

Its operation is located in Villavicencio, where the company has the nursery and the processing facility. Its plantations are located to the eastern part of Colombia in an Agribusiness booming area near Puerto Gaitan, Meta.

Kahai SAS has a highly committed and quality oriented team, with professionals that share the passion of generating social and environmental impact, while making history with the Cacay.