Kahai SAS is the first in the world to industrialize the “Cacay" crop and is working for the strengthening of this nut’s value chain, as an alternative for sustainable economic development in Colombia.  When consuming our products you are helping generate the following impacts:


  • Wild harvesting generates incomes for peasant and indigenous communities within conflict zones.

  • This crop is a new food safety alternative for the planet, as from the tree can be obtained: nuts, oil and flour.

  • It is a highly profitable alternative that can be used for illicit crops substitution and poverty eradication in the countryside. One hectare generates an average household income of more than one minimum wage per month, for over 50 years.


  • To meet its demand, the company is reforesting 5.000 hectares with Cacay, in Colombia’s Amazon region, helping counteract global warming, improving soil and protecting basins.

  • Letting people know about its economic potential, promotes the conservation of the specie, which is being deforested for firewood.


  • It promotes biodiversity as a competitive factor for Colombian economic development.

  • It generates employment and development in remote areas.

  • It is a source of innovation for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries.